The Westford Youth Basketball Association is an organization composed of volunteers who are committed to teaching the skills of basketball to children while ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere and helping every player achieve their individual levels of suc

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Westford’s 4 on 4 Summer Basketball League 


COVID Safety Protocols




  • Side fields adjacent to the basketball courts will be utilized for arrival and departure times.
  • Upon arrival players will be directed to drop off area where they will check in and then store all personal equipment along the side field (if they wish) spaced out 6 feet apart to ensure social distancing.
  • Officials / Staff members and players will wear masks in this area 
  • Players should wear shorts and sneakers, a mask, and bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and their own basketball. 
  • Masks are to be worn at all times.  On and off the court.


On Court Activities:

  • We will be dividing players based upon age groups during clinic sessions so 
  • There will be no teams of more than 10, so there should be plenty of space to social distance. 
  • Officials / Staff Members will make every effort to have players maintain appropriate social distances when not in the game.
  • Participants must maintain appropriate social distances while on the bench.
  • Use of sideline areas on the courts will be restricted as players will store equipment along the side field spaced out 6 feet apart to ensure social distancing. 
  • No handshaking/celebrations: Players and Officials / Staff members must refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.



  • All practices from arrival time remain in effect.
  • Hand sanitize at conclusion of game.
  • At departure players will gather personal belongings from the side field.
  • Players will be required to wear masks and travel directly to their pick up field. 
  • Congregating in and around the parking lot area will not be allowed in order to clear the area for the next arriving group. 
  • Players must take all belongings and trash with them at departure



  • Officials / Staff members will review all procedures with campers and assisting camp counselors. 
  • Officials / Staff members will help to educate players on the hygiene/hand washing/touching of the face suggested guidelines. Parents are required to reinforce guidelines with players.
  • High touch areas / equipment will be cleaned by coaches after the clinic using disinfecting wipes.
  • There will be limited trash and recycling receptacles to minimize high-touch areas. We encourage carry-in, carryout of trash.
  • Spectators will be kept to a minimum. Spectators must practice social distancing including wearing face coverings.  All spectators will not be allowed on the courts.  Spectators may watch from behind the fences.
  • All players must bring their own hand sanitizer. We will have a limited supply of sanitizer available
  • If anyone is not feeling well, please do not attend the game.
  • There is no sharing of personal items, like water bottles, bug spray, and sunscreen.  No group/communal water coolers are permitted.
  • Players and Officials / Staff members will sanitize hands with hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of every session.