The Westford Youth Basketball Association is an organization composed of volunteers who are committed to teaching the skills of basketball to children while ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere and helping every player achieve their individual levels of suc

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My name is Josh Rosenstein and I am a member of the graduating class of 2020 at Westford Academy. I am going to be training any youth basketball players looking for help to improve their game at any level of competition. During these uncertain times, many AAU teams, training sessions, and camps have been cancelled. The only option seems to be to practice by yourself in your driveway or at a nearby court, but young players often lack the motivation to work hard without focused coaching. I want to help players keep their skills sharp as well as improve all aspects of their basketball game.

Although zoom workouts are a viable option and one that I am willing to do if that is your preference, I believe that it is better to do these sessions in person while being properly socially distanced. I will take several precautions to ensure the safety of everyone.

My plan includes:

  • Staying at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Using hand sanitizer before sessions and in between drills.
  • Properly sanitizing all equipment (cones, tennis ball, etc.).
  • Wearing a mask if that is your preference (I think it will be easier to communicate without a mask, but I am happy to wear one if that is what you prefer).
  • Avoid touching the client's basketball by bringing my own ball to demonstrate every drill OR wear gloves during the entire session and only touch the client’s basketball and properly sanitized equipment.

Note: If you prefer I bring my own basketball, I can still efficiently rebound by kicking the basketball back to the client (I am also a varsity soccer player so my passes will be good!)


For those of you who don’t know me, here is my basketball resume:

  • 2 year Junior Varsity player
  • 2 year Varsity player, 1x captain
  • 1x Dual County League (DCL) All-Star
  • Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association All Senior Academic Team
  • Recipient of Coach Bramanti’s Most Improved Award (2019)
  • Recipient of Coach Bramanti’s Warrior Award (2020)
  • 3 year camp counselor at summer camp hosted by WA Boys Basketball
  • 4 on 4 Summer League Referee
  • Participated in AAU Nationals in 2017


Areas of focus:

  • Ball handling- Every player must be able to handle the basketball no matter what position they are. The goal is to give players new dribbling drills every session that they can practice on their own as well.
  • Footwork- Proper footwork is essential to execute moves efficiently and effectively.
  • Finishing- Whether it is finishing over taller defenders or working on post moves, each player will work on scoring around the basket.
  • Shooting- Includes a variety of shooting drills with various progressions added on.
  • Game reps- Live drills meant to mirror situations experienced during a game.


If you are interested in hiring me or if you have any questions, you can reach out to me via email at   or phone at 978-846-2971. For individual sessions, I will be charging a $15 hourly rate. For group sessions or sibling sessions, rates will vary depending on the number of players. Package deals are also available. Sessions will take place at the client’s house (basketball hoop necessary) or at a nearby outdoor court. If neither of those options are viable, sessions can take place in my driveway (picture below).