The Westford Youth Basketball Association is an organization composed of volunteers who are committed to teaching the skills of basketball to children while ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere and helping every player achieve their individual levels of suc

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I am reaching out to you to let you know that this spring, the NE Playmakers offer two nights of skills and drills for those players who wish to continue working on refining their skills in the offseason, but either do not have the time to be on a club team or want the extra work.  These sessions will be conducted at the Millworks in Westford.

We will run skills and drills from 6-9pm on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and we have two options.

Option #1: The Unlimited Plan.  Players can come to as many skills and drills sessions as they can.  Stay for the 1.5 hours or all three.  The cost for the Unlimited Plan is $300

Option #2: The Five Pack.  This is a great option if players participate in other sports and can only attend a few nights.  The five pack entitles you to attend any five sessions over the course of the season.  Like the Unlimited Plan, players can stay for the 1.5 hours or for all three.  The cost for the Five Pack is $150.

How it works?

Normally we set a schedule by grades as we like to have pairings of equal grades, genders, and abilities during our skills and drills stations.  No matter the level of the player, we always strive to make things work in our stations for everyone.

What can you expect?

You  can expect four to five stations running at one time.  Our coaches run drills that will develop a wide range of skills (shooting, cutting, defense, ball handling, passing, two and three player drills, etc).  The level of instruction will commensurate with the age and level of each group and more importantly, each player.

Once you sign up, we can make a determination of how to break down each grade and gender.  We will send out another email to let you know specific skills and drills times for each grade / gender.  This level of organization should make this a great experience for all. 

An example of the schedule we have used in the past is posted below by grades:

3-6 boys from 5-7:30  

3-6 girls from 5-7:30


7-HS boys from 7:30-9

7-HS girls from 7:30-9

These times are subject to change and oftentimes, players will come when they can (or stay for both sessions).  This is completely fine. 

You can register online here at  Please make sure you select the Millworks location.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at  .