The Westford Youth Basketball Association is an organization composed of volunteers who are committed to teaching the skills of basketball to children while ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere and helping every player achieve their individual levels of suc
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Registration is now Open

Registration is now open for our recreation programs. Registering for travel teams should not be done until the travel teams are selected. If you have a child who is trying out for a travel team, I would prefer you not register for travel or rec at this time. (Travel tryouts are currently underway) Please wait for the travel teams to be selected and then go in and register your child. If your child will be playing both rec and travel, there are boxes on each screen that need to be clicked in order for the correct fee to be calculated.

If your child is in middle school or high school; will be trying out for the school team and not planning to play in our rec program if they make a school team, please register but do not pay. This is the only exception to not paying at the time of registration.  Late fees will be accrued for grades 4-8 starting on November 3rd.

High school students in grades 9-12 can also put in an application to coach. 9th graders can coach in our Junior boys and girls programs and our 3rd grade and 2nd grade clinics. 10th graders can coach in our JRG, JRB, MSB or MSG divisions and 11th graders can coach in all divisions including IHSB--8th and 9th grade boys.  Any applications that are submitted beyond the Nov 3rd deadline will not be considered

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Sponsorship opportunities
Hi All This year, our teams will be sponsored by various businesses....
WYBA 2014-2015
General registration for all leagues is open.  Late...
Sponsorship opportunities

Hi All

This year, our teams will be sponsored by various businesses. To date, the following individuals/businesses are sponsoring a team:

Short Cut Landscaping

Jim Arciero

Mark Lupien Electric

Wild West Landscaping

Jarvis Landscaping

Concord Oil

Ace Hardware

SMT Plumbing & Heating

Cad-Tech Machine


Asap Fire & Safety

Turf Unlimited

Priest Bros Construction

Harrison (In memory of)

Fennochitti Remodeling

R.J. Lacombe

Westford Glass

Morey Brothers Roofing

Westford Regency

Please see below for more information:

Your company will also be listed in....




$125 per Team

5 Teams - $500

1000 Kids on 99 Teams



Sponsor a league or just a color

Many options available

Contact Gary Lavelle for more details. or 978.273.0642

by posted 10/12/2014
WYBA 2014-2015

General registration for all leagues is open.  Late fees for 4th-8th graders will be assessed starting November 3rd. Please see below for more information on each division:

2nd grade(Shooting Stars). This is a clinic only and will be held this year on Saturday mornings at Nab gym. The clinics will run for 1 hour and we will have 6 dates with several sessions each day: Jan 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st and Feb 7th.  Last year we had moved the clinics to Sunday but there seemed to be a lot of conflicts with First Communion so we are returning it to Nab gym on Saturdays. Fee is $40

3rd grade boys and girls. These are also clinics but we start on Sunday Dec 14th and have clinics every Sunday except around the holidays until Feb 22nd. If necessary, we will have 2 sessions of 3rd grade girls and 2 sessions of 3rd grade boys. These clinics will be held at Crisafulli School starting at 11A and running until 5P. The girls' clinics will be at 11 and if we need a second-12:15; the boys will follow the girls.  During the season, for one of the sessions, the varsity players from Westford Academy come and run the clinics. The third graders will also attend a varsity game later in the season and play small sided games at half time. The fee for this division is $55.

Junior Girls(4th and 5th grade)JRG. In November, 4th and 5th grade girls will be contacted to attend an evaluation. These are not tryouts but rather evaluations to help when forming teams. Teams will be selected by mid November and practices will start at the end of November The season starts with a jamboree on Saturday Dec 6th and it culminates in championship Sunday on March 15th with an awards ceremony following at WA. All teams make the playoffs. Junior girl's games will be played on Saturday's at Crisafulli School.  They will have one practice per week at Robinson gym. The fee for this division is $100.

Junior Boys (4th and 5th grade)JRB. In November, 4th and 5th grade boys will also be contacted to attend an evaluation. Like the JRG division, teams will be selected in Mid November. The season will start with a Jamboree on Sunday Dec 7th and the season will end on Sunday March 15th with the Championship game and an award's ceremony at Westford Academy. In the past, we have played our games at Crisafulli and Abbot. This year all games will be held at Abbot and we will run games from 9A until 5P on Sundays until the end of February when playoffs will begin. Practices will be held weekly and will take place at Day School. The fee for this division is also $100.

Middle School Girls (6th-8th grades) MSG. Evaluations will take place in mid November but teams cannot be selected until after the school teams at SB and Blanchard are chosen. Players in 6th-8th grade can play travel, rec and school but if a player makes travel and school, often they will choose not to play rec. Team assignments will not be made until early December and the season will start on Saturday Dec 13th. Those games are held at Blanchard Middle School all day on Saturday's..practices are held weekly also at Blanchard.  MSG also has an awards ceremony following the championship game on Sunday March 15th. The fee for this division is also $100.

Middle School Boys (6th and7th grade) MSB. Please see information above with regards to the MSG division. These teams are also not selected until December. Games are played at Abbot School on Saturdays and these teams practice weekly in various gyms in Westford. The fee for this division is  also $100 and like the MSG division, we have added an awards ceremony following the championship game on March 15th.

Intermediate High School Boys (8th and 9th grade) IHSB. Like the Middle school leagues, these teams cannot be chosen until after the Middle school and high school teams are finalized. 9th graders who make the freshman team at WA are allowed to play in our IHSB division. If a 9th grade boys makes JV or Varsity, they cannot play in this division. All games are played on Saturday's at Miller and they practice weekly. They will also participate in the Championship games on Sunday March 15th and there is also a 3 point shooting contest but no Award's ceremony following the game. The fee for this division is $100.

High School Girls (9th-12th) HSG. These teams are not selected until after the Westford Academy teams are selected. Games will start in Mid December.  Games are played at Blanchard during the week in the evening; Mondays, Tuesdays and some Wednesdays. The season culminates on Wed March 11th at Westford Academy with Championship games for the High School girls division and boy's division. There are no practices for this division. The fee is also $100.

High School Boys (10th-12th) HSB. Same as high school girls in terms of selecting the teams. Games are played on Sundays at Stony Brook School and some Mondays and Wednesday evenings at Abbot. The HSB division will also end their season with a championship game at WA on March 11th. There are no practices for this division and the fee is also $100.

You must be a Westford resident or attend a Westford school to be eligible to play in our leagues. Divisions are based on grades not age--there are no exceptions.  Students in grades 9-12 can fill out an online coach's application if they are interested in coaching. 9th graders can only coach in the JRG, JRB or 3rd grade clinics. The deadline for coach's applications is Nov 3rd. No applications submitted after that day will be accepted.

by posted 09/01/2014
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